Cricket Patrons


Played for Barnton from 1979-89, member of the successful 1st XI side that dominated the mid 1980’s culminating in being champions in 1982 and 1985. Finished with an impressive 58 wickets in 1982 and 50 wickets in 1984.


Playing member for over 10 years, Junior Coach and 2nd XI Captain 2000-1

J.C Burgess

Playing member for over 20 years , Hon Secretary 1988-89, Sunday XI Captain 1981 and 1st XI Captain 191-92 in addition to assisting with ground maintenance. An aggressive LH Bat Jeff scored 500+ Runs for the 1st XI in 1985, 1994 + 1995.

I.J Chitty

A prominent member of the club during the 1980’s happy to play in any team which he was selected for. The highlight being 142 for the 3rd XI against Winnington Park in 1986.

S. Crawford

Playing and committee member for over 30 years 3rd XI Captain 1988, 2nd XI Captain 1993-94 and Club Chairman in 2 spells 1999-03 and 2009-11. Steve’s most successful season was in 1991 when he scored 571 1st XI runs.

J.A Davis

Over 40 years playing, committee member and groundsman. 3rd XI Captain 1973-74 + 1991, Sunday XI Captain 1975 + 1982-84 in addition Groundsman for 10 years.


Started to watch Barnton as a boy at Pickups Field before they moved to ‘Broomsedge’ Joined the club as a junior in 1960 and have been a member ever since Joint Club Secretary in the 1970’s and for 8 years served as Membership Registrar. Played for 1st / 2nd XI’s during the 1970’s early 80’s and was present on the memorable tours to Barry and Porthcawl ! Life Member 2006

W.E Dicken

1st XI Caption 1982-87 and 1990, possibly the most successful captain in the clubs history a prolific LH batsman who topped 500+ league runs at an average of over 50 in 1978-80 and 1985-86.

K.W Dicken

Son of Wynn excellent off spin bowler and top order bat who came through the Clubs excellent youth system.


Joined the Club in 1961 and was involved with the committee for 20+ years including Fixture Secretary and Club Secretary. On the playing front was 1st XI Vice-Captain and 2nd XI Captain 1976. A useful ‘gully’ and ‘point’ fielder and occasional wicket keeper. Was also part of the committee that formed the hockey section during the 1970’s.

J Furlong 

Batsman, mainly in the 2nd XI from 1976 to 1983 before moving to Buckinghamshire. Served as joint secretary from 1979 to 1983 and was 2nd XI vice-captain during the centenary year of 1980.

P.A Garner

‘Joel’ as he became known burst onto the seen as a lanky 15 year old and was soon opening the bowling for the 1st XI. 3rd XI Captain 1993 and 1st XI Captain 1991.

J.E Garton

Another stalwart of the Club with over 40 years of membership which including being 1st XI scorer during the successful 1980’s, honoured with Life Membership in 2000.


Playing member during the 1960’s and 70’s.


Regular 1st XI middle order batsman during the mid to late 80’s with a unique style both batting and bowling. Instrumental in the 1st XI KO successes of the 1980’s.


Brother of Pete, Mike and Arthur excellent batsman and occasional bowler and member of the 2nd XI who went unbeaten during the mid-1980’s, unfortunately work commitments took him to Chester CCO.


An excellent Club Wicket Keeper who regularly finished top of the averages for victims taken. An excellent finisher in the middle order who also represented the County in his heyday. He took 30+ 1st XI victims in 1981-84 and 1988.


A fearsome opening bowler along with Tony Insley and John Hornbuckle during the late 1970’s and early 80’s.

R.C Gregory

Club Chairman from 1992-95 and 2007-08 along with being a regular tourist and Sunday team member during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.


Son of former Club Chairman Bob and son of Sue. 2nd XI Vice Captain 2007-08 during their promotion seasons and Sunday XI Captain 2008.

P.A Hancock

Playing member for over 40 years, 1st XI Captain 1993, 2nd XI Captain 1985-87 and 89-92 the most successful time of the Club’s 2nd XI. Club Chairman 1990-91 and honoured with life membership 2009. Still assisting with the ground up to 2016 when he left to live in Leamington Spa.


Son of iconic former Chairman George Chris played regularly from junior level up to senior level before leaving to play for local rivals Weaverham. During his time at Barnton Chris assisted in keeping the ‘Broomsedge’ Ground in excellent condition. Now residing in Scotland and is Head Greenkeeper at Castle Stuart Golf Club.


Dave another of the Haspell contingent and useful middle order bat and excellent fielder. Now living in Manchester.


Brother of George and an excellent wicket keeper / batsman who was 1st XI Captain from 1976-77. 30+ 1stXI victims from 1978-81 inc.


George’s other brother and all round excellent sportsman played during the late 1960’s and 1970’s.


A prolific opening batsman who arrived from Weaverham and was immensely successful for the 2nd XI during the 1990’s and was Vice Captain to Keith Noden for a number of years. 500+ 2nd XI runs scored from 1992-95 inc.


Playing member during the 60’s and 70,s for both 1st and 2nd XI’s another good all round sportsman.

A.A Insley

Tony was Barnton’s 1st XI opening bowler for over 10 years during the late 70’s and early 80’s regularly taking over 40 wickets per season. Between 1978 and 79 he took over 50 wickets


Pete arrived from Weaverham during the 1980’s and immediately settled into his role of attacking opening batsman for the 1st XI being a member of the excellent side of the 1980’s. Finishing with clinching promotion for the 2nd XI some 22 years later. Between 1988-91 inc Pete scored over 500+ runs for the 1stXI.

C.D.P Jones

Product of the very successful youth programme Chris developed into a very talented top order batsman scoring a number of centuries including scoring 684 runs in 1989. He represented the League side for a number of seasons before moving on to play in the County League, his highlight representing Hampshire 2nd XI.

L.C Jones

Chris was an excellent left arm opening bowler who played for all the teams throughout his time at the Club and was 2nd XI Vice Captain during the very successful mid-eighties. During 1995 Chris took 59 wickets for the 2nd XI. He now lives in France with his wife Ann.

D.A Jones

Dr (Andy)  Jones more famous for stitching people up in the changing rooms than smashing the ball to all parts. An excellent middle to top order batsman who represented most sides during his time at Barnton.


Middle order bat who played and still does for the Club for over 30 years and an excellent fielder in his day. A brief spell at Weaverham but he is back where he belongs now.


John,Father of CDP played for a number of years the highlight his 102* in 1988 for the 1st XI.


Playing member during the 1970’s

P.J Kenyon

Peter or ‘Beast’ played for the Club from junior age up until he left to live in France, was 2nd XI Captain in 1988 when they won the League and was Sunday XI Captain from 1985-86.

J.R.W Langham

Jeff, a stalwart of the club has filled most positions during his 50 odd years at the Club. An excellent off spin bowler and regular contributor to the League Averages and was also an excellent finisher of games when batting. He took 50+ 1st XI wickets in 1983 and 1986. Sunday XI Captain 1979-80, 1st XI Captain 1994, President 1998-00, Chairman 2004-06 and Life Member in 1996.


Dee as he was affectionately known played mainly for the 2nd XI but did enjoy the odd game for the 1st XI. Not one for netting or practising he was often in the wickets and he was Captain of the 2nd XI in 2005.


Matt played for the Club from Juniors up until he left in the late 1990’s when he found employment away from the Club, as useful middle to top order bat.


Brother of Matt, Jim was 1st XI scorer when John Garton retired and had his own unique style of scoring that only he could understand!


Ken played for over 20 years and his enthusiasm was 2nd to none, a gentle giant who bowled beautifully whoever he was asked to play for and his wicket tally often saw him qualify for the league averages. He was still opening the bowling when he was well into his fifties.

J.N.B Morley

Regular playing member from 1974-1998 for the 2nd XI and Sunday Teams. Held positions of Bar Treasurer / Team Secretary / Cricket Secretary and was Junior Cricket Organiser from 1984-1998. Currently Vice President, Life Member and Trustee.


Stuart played for the Club in the 1980’s and was by no means prolific but his natural sporting instincts meant he could read a situation and was often called upon to win games. Stuart still plays for the Club but on the Bowling Green.


An opening bat who would not give up his wicket easily whatever team he played for, Barnton did not see Keith in his pomp but he still did an excellent job in the 2nd XI winning a few trophies along the way. He was 2nd Captain from 1995-96, his highlight scoring 119 in 2007.


More of a footballer than cricketer Mark took the reins of 2nd XI Captain (2006-10) when the Club was not at its strongest but he managed to continually put a side out that eventually won back to back promotions in 2006-7. Mark is now the Clubs Membership Registrar.


Dave along with John Bebbington was instrumental in saving the Club from a very uncertain future. 1st XI Captain 2000-1 and 2nd XI Captain 1998-99 + 2002-03, Dave was also a Junior Coach for over 14 years. A canny swing bowler who took an excellent 9-21 in 1996 for the 2nd XI.


Sylvain came through the juniors and mainly played for the 3rd XI during the late 1980’s until he relocated with work. His sister Nathalie often scored for the junior and senior teams.


Arthur first arrived at ‘Broomsedge’ as part of a works team from Liverpool during the mid-1980’s , he performed very well and was asked to play regularly , 20 years later Arthur was still making the journey from Wavertree. An excellent left arm seam bowler and useful lower order bat.


Pete has been a member for over 30 years and during his younger days was the 1st XI scorer. He later started playing and represented the Club at various levels until work commitments cut short his career.


Mike was a regular during the 1970’s and was also a useful footballer representing the village in both sports.


Paul played during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and was a useful all round cricketer. He later had twins Christian and Richard who also played for the 1st XI and his other son Matt played junior cricket.


Christian a stylish RH Batsman who played during the 1990’s and 2000’s until work and family commitments put his career on hold.


Rick twin of Christian was also a stylish batsman with a much laid back approach an occasional leg spin bowler who regularly picked up wickets.


Mark whose primary sport was football did a sterling job behind the stumps for the 1st XI during the early 2000’s , a southerner but this was never held against him !

R.F Whitehouse

Son of Eric , Roger was a classy batsman who scored runs whatever level he played at. Had a spell in the Premier League with Oulton Park but he was mainly a Barnton lad playing for his local Club. 1st XI Captain in 1996. Roger scored 500+ 1st XI runs 1987-88 and 538 2nd XI runs in 2011.


Phil, one of the best players to play for Barnton, an excellent RH Batsman, off spin bowler and marvellous Cover fielder. 1st XI Captain from 1988-89. Phil scored 518 runs in 1984 and 506 runs in 1991.


Ken who arrived from Oakmere was 1st XI Captain in 1978-81 inc and was instrumental in turning the Club into a force that dominated Cheshire Cricket during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. An opening bat who was often the price wicket for many opposition teams.


Nick another of Barnton’s successful youth policy was a gifted all rounder who played at every level and with some success, he was 1st XI Captain from1997-98 and Sunday XI Captain in 1996 scoring 4 centuries for the Club.


Steve younger brother of Nick was 1st XI Captain from 2002-08 which saw the1st XI promoted from Div 3 into Div 2 of the Cheshire Cricket League. He was instrumental in bringing the Lashings XI to Broomsedge as part of the 130 year Celebrations. An excellent Club man who was also awarded the Williamson Trophy for services to the Club.